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Replacement micros manager cards – works as good as the official cards but only a fraction of the cost – please reach out to us if you want custom cards designed

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Replacement Micros Manager Cards: will work as well as genuine Micros cards and are less than 1/2 the cost. These cards are guaranteed to work or your money back.

Features of these new cards: The cards now have 2 holes in them for you and your staff to attach the card to their person. This change was made because we have noticed that over the years Micros has changed the direction in which the card reader works. By putting a second hole in the card you can attach the card by whichever side best fits your system. Secondly, we put a strip on the front of the card which allows you to write on the card. We have noticed that if you tried to write on these cards, even if you used a Sharpie, the writing will just wipe off.  This has been resolved in this new batch of cards.

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