Welcome to POS Repair Depot.
We Specialize in POS Equipment Repair and Replacement

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We are a repair service provider – in order to provide you the best service possible we selectively choose the best service center from many that we work with around the U.S.A – there is a possibility that you will be asked to ship your products to multiple facilities – this is specifically designed to get you the best service and the best prices available.  We are not an authorized service center for any manufacturer; however our service centers can be authorized. 

Repairs that are sent to us that are beyond repair (example, a kitchen printer that went swimming with the French fries) – we will notify you of the no-repairable device and we will give you the choice of letting us recycle the device – (we will refund you your repair costs, and shipping fees) or we can ship you your product back using the shipping fees you paid with your purchase, refunding the repair cost.

Here is a list of some of the brands we work with.